About Us

A Green view guest house will provide a new light on it and will provide the guest a new platform which the guest could not feel till now .The guest house surrounded by forest and local visiting point is significance in term of natural and local attraction .

Which will provide an added advantage to it.Guest house is facing china peak and Tiffin Top too .

The weather is always favoring the climates according to the season.Guest and visitors visiting it will feel a new view and fresh look at visiting it and is a must visiting place .A place which is comfortable as home one and provide with natural advantage as an added one. And is a place which plays to all the efforts made to come and visiting it.


Green view guest house is attached to Birla Vidya mandir and old raj Bhawan witch is the ancient building of british period .Is a popular location and the serenity and view which .green view provides you no others place can provide you. The British developed it and peace loving britishers made old RAJ BHAWAN AND BIRLA VIDYA MANSER. WHICH IS PRIME INSTITUTE OF NAINITAL CITY.YOGA AND RELAXTION FAVORING PERSONSCAN DO IT AND CONSIDERING FACILITES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THEMs